The Concept

The Business Support Services Centre is a strategic intervention initiated to support the establishment of new and the growth of existing businesses.

 The BSSC is conceptualised as a comprehensive, walk-in multi-purpose business support hub facilitating access to information, technology, marketing opportunities, business development advice and services, business and trading opportunities, skills development, capacity building, linkages, networking and funding opportunities. Various service providers and support institutions / agencies / individuals will be mobilised into an ecosystem of programme based support functions towards intensive entrepreneurship development and community economic empowerment. SMMEs, civil society, individuals and the entire community are target beneficiaries of services. The overall objective of the BSSC is to contribute towards the creation of an improved business environment and to stimulate complete business support measures.



Community mobilisation strategies integrated with programme delivery mechanisms
Programme based partnerships
Integration and coordination of services
Well researched, benchmarked, high quality, high level responsive and relevant interventions
Needs driven and opportunities led
Continuous skills development and capacity building
Counterpart institutional strengthening and human resources development
Incite and germinate innovation

Modes of delivery

An annual time table will be drawn up scheduling activities, delivery agents, funding requirements and sources of funding, objectives, targets and other variables as shall be determined to ensure efficient and effective coordination. The time-table will be reviewed from time to time to afford the centre flexibility and prompt responsiveness to new opportunities. Methods of service delivery will vary depending on the intended intervention. These may include, but not limited to the following:

Contact sessions with clients/beneficiaries
Technology enhanced and interactive delivery mechanisms
Mentorship and Awards
Learnerships and skills programmes
Multi-media, for example, community radio stations, print media, video streaming, seminars, conferences, workshops, competitions, group projects

Institutional arrangements

The BSSC will operate a hub at Tivumbeni College, linked to satellites and community access points spread across the municipality made up of, among others, community centres, traditional / royal authorities, schools, NGOs, SMMEs, FETs, Thusong centres. The following is an illustration

Based on the evaluation of sites and discussions with the municipal officials, GTM offices in Nkowankowa should be developed into a HUB. However, Tivumbeni Education Multi-Purpose Centre in Nkowankowa Township should serve as a care-taker hub while the GTM offices are being developed. Bulamahlo, Lesedi, Relela and Runnymede will serve as satellites

The diagram illustrates the recommended institutional model


A multi-pronged sustenance strategy incorporating diversified income streams to be pursued. Some of the practical suggestions include:

The BSSC to enter into agency relationships for various programmes, for example, the National Youth Development Agency, Department of Trade and Industry, Financing Institutions, and any other
BSSC to initiate unsolicited bids to deliver business support interventions
BSSC to be positioned as a Membership Resource Centre
BSSC to tender for works related to services provided
BSSC to be an accredited entrepreneurship skills development training provider and participate in the delivery of accredited training and capacity building
Mobilise funding for community empowerment initiatives at a fee
Provide services like bookkeeping, SARS returns, Payroll administration, completion of tender documents etc. for a fee.
BSSC to facilitate linkages and networking opportunities for businesses through, among others, events organisation and management
Initiate and support innovative and research projects and apply for grants


Services provided include:

Business planning, marketing, advertising and branding
Skills Development and Capacity building
Research, policy inputting and consulting
Business advice and mentorship
Events organisation, business support linkages and information
Awards, campaigns and competitions
Information and Communication technology access
Business legal services and debt collection
ob placement and personnel administration
Logistics and travel arrangements
Call centre services
Courier services,copying services, facsimile services, word processing services, on-site PC rental services, and office products sales.
Quality development and management systems and services
Productivity enhancement