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Greater Tzaneen Economic Development Agency (GTEDA) is a 100% public agency owned by Greater Tzaneen Municipality. The Agency was established in March 2007 following a resolution by both the Industrial Development Corporation (IDC) and Greater Tzaneen Municipality to advance and leverage the development and job creation potential inherent within Greater Tzaneen Municipal area.

GTEDA is the entry point for potential investors.  We are a catalyst. We connect people who have a passion for growth; we care for ideas that will empower our community. We are partners in striving to make the unavailable available.


Our Vision

To be a self-financing Agency that leads in developing and inclusive, thriving an sustainable economy for the people of Greater Tzaneen.


Our Mission

We strive to attract investments into Greater Tzaneen, facilitate in innovative and efficient ways, development of an economy that is inclusive, sustainable and resilient. We believe in the potential of our people to drive their own development.


Focus Areas

The overall strategic approach for the period 2016/17 – 2020/21, is focused on:

Agriculture and Agribusiness;


Tourism and Heritage Conservation;

Property Development; and

Green Energy.


Specifically GTEDA is best positioned to:

·         Maintain a high level of reputation, visibility and credibility;

·         Increase the pace of economic development with less red tape; and

·         Take risks in the private sphere.



We subscribe to a set of values that guide our actions at all levels, are integrated into our way of working and we should be judged by. These are:



Transparency  and accountability